Bru'dhars (2020)

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Synopsis: Through his tumultuous relationship with his younger brother, a young man begins to understand the troubled past that was running his life and has a chance to end a generational cycle of abuse and pain.

Notable Festivals & Awards

- Sundance Institute Short Film Lab

- Tasveer International South Asian Film Festival

- Carmarthen Bay International Film Festival (BAFTA CYMRU Qualifying)


-Thomas Edison Black Maria Film Festival (Canadian Screen Award Qualifying)


- CineYouth Festival  (Chicago International Film Festival)

- Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

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The Final Hours of South U Pizza (COMING SOON)

Synopsis: A mysterious wandering man recalls the last breathes of his favorite late night pizza joint in beautiful nostalgia before it is decimated to build a high rise apartment complex that to this day is still empty.

Film is currently awaiting premiere.

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Boober (2019)

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Synopsis: A story of redemption, growth, and giving back. Follow the journey of Kevin Spangler, who went from being homeless to a community inspiration by starting a pedicab business that creates second chance jobs for people in recovery and those coming out of incarceration all while giving fun rides on rickshaws and uplifting everyone along the way.

Notable Festivals & Awards


- CineYouth Festival  (Chicago International Film Festival)

- Nassau Film Festival (Princeton Tiger Award)

-Better Cities Film Festival

-Threadbare Mitten Film Festival (Opening Night Film)

-Spotlight Documentary Film Awards - Gold Award

- Distributed by CTN Ann Arbor, Channel 17

I Let Her Go But Never
Let Her Leave (2021)

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Synopsis: Kamal, an immature young man, breaks up with his girlfriend Jane but tries to emotionally hurt her as much as possible during the course of day even going as far as devising a plan to deliver one final blow that he soon regrets.

Upcoming screenings

- Threadbare Mitten Film Festival (SEPTEMBER 9TH 2021)

- Chicago Southland International Film Festival (OCTOBER 15TH 2021)

- Orlando Film Festival (OCTOBER 28TH 2021)