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Bear The Cross

Updated: Jan 7

The Men of Honor

The Men of Freedom

The Men of Truth

Inevitably bear the cross

Thus is the price they pay for




All aforementioned

One day lain

Before the mobs of mediocrity

Before the wretched

Before the wicked

Before the liars

Before the scum

That surrounded them innumerably

The men whose bodies

Will be mutilated, tortured, and killed by the demons and scoundrels

Born from the lie and fed by the lie

They fear not of what is to come

Tis only a small price for the ineffable

Of the Divine

Their souls forever golden and pristine

Live in the truth and one would be ready

For all mortal pain to endure

For the bearing of the truth

The Embracing of truth

The most excruciating

Yet most joyful Indefinitely

Live in the truth and they fear not

Any mortal pain

That small pain

A triviality for

What God has put these MEN through all ready

For they asked for strength

For Freedom

For Truth

Thus they were gifted with so and earned their Honor

As their bodies submerged back into the Earth

As their souls rise high returning to the source

Laughing the whole way

They will know

No mortal pain ever relevant

No mortal fear ever worthy of mind

For they already bared the cross

Long ago

In their souls

In their hearts

The heaviest pain to bear in all

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