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My Heart Trembles In Fear Of You O LORD

O Lord my heart trembles

In fear of You

As I feel the end growing near

And Your judgment having almost arrived

As You rise my Lord

my heart melts within me

As I realize I do not belong before you

I am an unworthy one

O Lord how arrogant was I all my life

And Your Word is tearing me apart

Your convictions do not leave me

And grip my very soul

O how you have revealed to me

Only a glimpse of Your Holiness O Lord

And I fell before You begging to realize Your Love

O how unholy am I

Truly a worm

I am simply nothing before You

my Lord

I do not deserve to stand before You

You have asked me to love Your children

And I have not

Struggling to even look to Your face

I fully admit

No I have not loved one

No Lord not even one

I am guilty and ashamed as can be

And my heart bears no fruit

As I did not love You as You loved me

And when the hungry came to me

I did not give them what You had given me

I gave them no love and let them starve

And my wicked heart left them there

Wanting to see them feel loss

I reveled in my own desolation

And in my futile dreams of my own righteousness

O how arrogant was I my whole life

Please forgive me

All are in pain and I have not been of help

O Lord how truly do I deserve to go down

But Lord I pray in my last hours here

On your earth

I pray

That You grab hold of my heart O Lord and

Help me Love just one

I hope it is not too late only to begin what

I should have let You do in me long ago

But Lord ease these final hours of mine


Help me realize Your Love before I go

Humble me and cut my pride low

My heart cannot take my vileness any longer

O Lord my heart cannot bear myself any longer

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