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Propensity To Lie

To say that the average human being’s propensity to lie

Is greater than their biological urge to reproduce

Would be

A gross understatement

For it has always been the vast amount of lies told by oneself

that is the common denominator in almost all people

At the highest frequency

At the highest resonance

Across all time

More lies than breathes, more lies than times shit or pissed

More lies than times one looked or heard or smelled or touched or tasted or blinked

More lies than all of that

And it started before they were born

Bleeding into the womb

Like a gene

A malignant gift


Becoming a habit

Until it it becomes nature

Mother and father lie to each other

Make a child

Only to then lie to him or her

Then the child begins to lie to their sisters and brothers

Then again to their father, then again to their mother

Now they begin to lie to others

Now all the others lie to each other

Grow old and have new children to lie to

Only to repeat the cycle

All the while

Keeping a unifying constant

An unbreakable constant

Of lying to themselves

Even if there is a lapse

In their lies to others

They will always lie

To themselves

But what even is a lie?

Can it be said that it is simply a mere creation?

For a lie is something made up that was not previously there before

Any other creation is similar in that regards it seems

But is it simply a negative creation then As it contains not truth

A hollow creation

An empty palace

A failure?

A malfunction?

For maybe in actuality

Man’s drive to create

Is greater than the drive to lie or even reproduce

And maybe it is just a failure in creating properly

For I have never seen a great man

Who had created truly great things

Great works

Great art

A great character

A great life

Lie often

But I have seen

All those who failed to create anything great

Anything worthwhile

Anything at all

Or even create themselves

Be the ones

To lie most often



In their failure to create for the world

They lie to the world


In their failure to create themselves and for themselves

They lie to themselves

Leaving behind a wretched box

Filled to brim with poison as

Their sole creation

Their sole purpose

Their only work

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