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Properties Of The Real

Everyone knows

They have always known

And if you are who I hope you are

Then this too, you must have always knew

For what is real and true seeps out of you

Like an unstoppable gushing stream

Flooding the ground where you step

Filling the air

The breath

So undeniable

It’s light must be seen

But so bright for their weak eyes

So long comforted by the darkness

They wish that they could not see

And you cannot hide it

You mustn’t hide it

It is too powerful

And trying to will kill you

And even if now you have nothing or are nothing

But have it

They will know it and try to deny it

And try to destroy it

By trying to destroy you

Then you might try to deny it too

Or try to destroy it within yourself

But don’t do it

Just love it

Cherish it

Refine it

Grow it

Use it

You have always known this

Your time will come

Then you will become it

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