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"The Final Hours of South U Pizza" world premiere at Carmarthen Bay International Film Festival!

Updated: May 16, 2022

Super stoked to announce that one my favorite and most fun films that I have ever made, "The Final Hours of South U Pizza" will be having its world premiere at the BAFTA Qualifying Carmarthen Bay International Film Festival in Wales England May 18th. Super thankful for the Carmarthen Bay Team for supporting my work during these interesting times!;)

This is an extremely personal and heartwarming film that everyone will understand and enjoy and to those who got to experience South U, it will be a blessing of a memory and many good times from way back. A true blast from the past from an older world.

This film also features and incredible original Flamenco/Gypsy style score by the amazingly talented composers and musicians Ronnie Malley & Carlo Basile that will give anyone a fresh new taste in sound that they have never experienced before. A truly immersive piece here.

The story behind the making of this film is wild as well and cannot wait to share that too.

As always lots more awesome work and news coming soon from the Sriramy Team so stay tuned guys.

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