The Parasite The Ego

For so long

Living inside of me

Fooled me into


It became me

But it was not living Only survived

It had no life

It was not life

Contained no light

A parasite

A virus

Needing the host

To survive

Making the




And Spirit


Limiting the mobility

And progress of the


The true being

And with the stagnation

It could set hold and breed

To spread its kind to those

Around me

But not for long

For finally my eyes

Ultimately open

Laid sight on thee

And the sight burned it

In the smoldering fire

The brightest light

In the Universe

The light bursting forth

From the man

Who dares to see

No parasite

No darkness

No ego

Can dare to be

And its demise

Not so glorious

To what proceeds

So magnificent

So pure

So beautiful

So undeniably



And after all these years

I can finally say

I am truly me

August 6th 2022: Around Midnight

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